Instructions - How To Use The Map:    

Mouse-Over Descriptions - Move your mouse over an incident Icon on the map and a short description of the event will appear. Click the Icon to be taken to the full incident description and a more precise satellite/map image.

ZOOM In and Out - Place your mouse pointer over the location you wish to zoom on and click the mouse twice rapidly - this will center the map on that location. Then use the zoom bar on the left side of the map to zoom in and out of that location.

Satellite/Map/Hybrid - In the upper right hand corner of the map you have the option of clicking on Map to just get the map background, Satellite to just get the satellite image background, or Hybrid to get both at the same time.

News Scroller: Immediately below the map there is a scrolling list of the most recently added incidents - click an item of interest to get to the full incident description and links to related news items, as well as a more precise satellite/map image.

Event Types and Date Range - Below the Scrolling News Items there are two drop down boxes. You may elect to have the map display only certain kinds of incidents, and only in a certain date range if you like - simply click on the drop downs and make your selections and then click on Display Events and the map will reload with the incidents and date range you specified.

Move Map - Left click your mouse and hold it down, then move the mouse up or down, left or right and the map will move accordingly.

Refresh Incidents - This map automatically reloads every few minutes.